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DASH Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on co-development partnerships, product licensing, sales, marketing, and distribution of generic pharmaceuticals.

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Returned Goods Policy

Returned Goods Policy

Dash Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing the highest quality customer service and ensuring compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). In order to the verify product integrity and compliance with the return policy, all returns require prior authorization.

The following Return Goods Policy applies to Dash Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Dash") products purchased directly from Dash by the purchaser. Products not initially purchased directly from Dash but returned through purchaser will be accepted for return.

A Return Authorization is required in order to return Dash Pharmaceuticals products. Products will not be reimbursed without a proper Return Authorization and credit will be issued only if return is within the terms of this policy.

Return Authorizations expire sixty (60) days from the date of issue.


Request for Return Authorizations (box labels) can be made by any of the below methods:


  1. Accessing the lnmar website at (you will need to upload a PDF copy of your debit memo)

  2. E-mail your debit memo to Be sure to include NOC#, lot# and expiration dates assigned to each item.

  3. Fax your debit memo to lnmar at 817-868-5343



Upon receipt of a box label(s), actual returns are to be forwarded to the processing facility at the following location:

lnmar - South Dock
4332 Empire Road
Fort Worth, TX 76155


The following products are returnable for a Returned Goods Credit (as applicable) with prior Return Authorization approval:


  1. Short-dated product in the original container/packaging and bearing the original manufacturers label within 6 months of the expiration date printed on each product

  2. Outdated product in the original container/packaging and bearing the original manufacturers label up to 12 months beyond the expiration date printed on each product

  3. Product shipped directly that is damaged in transit or product shipped in error by Dash Pharmaceuticals

  4. Discontinued, withdrawn or recalled product

  5. All products must be returned to Dash Pharmaceuticals in order to be considered for credit

  6. Partial returns are accepted consistent with the restrictions listed above



All products other than those listed above shall be deemed non-returnable. Non-returnable products include, without limitation:


  1. In-date product (product with more than 6 months expiration dating remaining)

  2. Packages/containers with labels added to or torn from the original manufacturer package/container

  3. Repackaged product

  4. Product with missing or illegible lot numbers and expiration dates

  5. Product that has been in a fire, clearance, bankruptcy or similar sale

  6. Product sold on "non-returnable" terms

  7. Products dated more than 12 months beyond the expiration date noted on the package/container. (Product may be returned for destruction, but no credit will be issued)

  8. Product purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of any federal, state or local law or regulation

  9. Product destroyed or damaged from causes such as fire, water, tornado, or other catastrophe and product that has otherwise deteriorated due to conditions occurring after shipment and beyond the control of Dash Pharmaceuticals such as improper storage or handling, heat, cold, smoke and so forth

  10. Products destroyed off-site or otherwise that have not been returned to Dash Pharmaceuticals


Returns of Dash Pharmaceuticals products must include a packing list containing the following information:


  • Customer name and address

  • Phone number

  • DEA number (if applicable)

  • List of products being returned including the quantity, lot number and expiration date

  • Wholesaler reference number and/or original invoice number

  • Reason for return


All charges associated with processing and destruction of returned goods, by a Dash Pharmaceuticals approved returned goods service contractor, shall be paid by Dash Pharmaceuticals.

All other charges (i.e., transportation, processing fees) of any third party shall be the responsibility of the Direct Account and will not be reimbursed by Dash Pharmaceuticals.

Dash Pharmaceuticals products returned outside these policy guidelines will not be returned to the Direct Account and no credit will be issued.



  • Reimbursement will be issued at the actual invoice price

  • Reimbursement will be made in the form of a credit memo applied to customers current account balance for future purchases

  • No credit will be issued, nor charges/deductions accepted for processing fees such as administrative, handling, or freight charges associated with the return of product that has been ordered in error by the customer

  • Credit for reimbursement will not be issued for product destroyed and not physically returned to Dash Pharmaceuticals

  • Credit will not be extended when the intent is to temporarily reduce inventory

  • For returns processed via a 3rd party processor, credit will be issued to the servicing wholesaler at the time of purchase


This Returned Goods Policy is effective 6/27/2019

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